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Question: How long does it take to see your doctor?
Answer: Too long!


And during that precious 7 minutes we bet there's too much computer and not enough "you", right?! 

American health care is broken. Everyone knows it and it's driving us all crazy, on BOTH sides of the stethoscope.

In Helpers Need Help!, recently retired Dr. Lou Chanin, who still believes laughter is the best medicine (“I got out just before I needed rehab!"), travels across America trying to find out how bad, or good, things really are.


We listen in as Dr. Lou pulls back the curtain and talks with doctors about issues that doctors only talk about with each other.


  •  We'll hear about physician wellness programs created to address physician suicide. (it's a real thing) 

  •  We'll show you the success stories of doctors who find a way to manage in spite of  managed car (doctors call it 'mangled care').

  • And we'll talk with patients who also believe laughter is the best medicine (as long as it's covered)

Follow Dr. Lou on his quest for answers as he travels from the rural Mississippi Delta to the mega medical clinics of California. It’s a journey through the world of medicine as you’ve never seen it before, led by a doctor who didn’t follow the rules, and has the scars to prove it.


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